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What our clients and associates say about us...

“You guys have been wonderful to us the past 6 or more months. I'm so glad we have such a professional agency such as Healthworks in the area. You all have made life bearable in this cath lab in our "trying" times. Your staff is unbeatable-- knowledgeable, professional, and oh so friendly and delightful with whom to work. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to working with your staff in the coming year.”

Cath Lab Coordinator

Montgomery County Area Hospital

"I have a high confidence level with the training and the skill set of the nurses and technologists in the Regional On-Call pool.  This program has been a lifesaver for us."

Nurse Manager, Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology Labs

"Your team has been outstanding!  We could not have done this without your help.  We are truly blessed.  Thank you!"

Kathy A. Miller, RN, BSN, MSA Administrative Director, Heart and Vascular Services Hanover Hospital, PA

"A few years ago I was at a place in my career where I knew I needed a change. I heard good things about Healthworks but was very skeptical because of past experiences. A company that treated employees as actual people? Unheard of to me. I took a leap of faith and came on board with Healthworks hoping for the best. The best is exactly what I got! This company was started by a woman who was just like me. She created this company so that she could balance her passion for the medical field while being able to fully partake in her life at home being a mother and wife. Management has been wonderful and you can tell they actually listen to you based on not only their words but their actions! They have treated me with the utmost respect as not only an employee but as a human being with a family and life outside of work and I am truly blessed to have found them!"

Michele Steskal, RCS, RVS

Healthworks, Inc. Associate

"I just wanted to reach out and tell you what a tremendous help Michele S. has been. We've had some challenging days in our outpatient area with add-on patients and other special kinds of requests and Michele always steps it up without being told. I am very thankful when she is here and wanted to make sure you knew what a great team player and worker she is."

Non-Invasive Manager, Philadelphia Hospital

"Jeff is an excellent educator and the program helped us start EP with a strong foundation.”

Kristy Causey, RN

Clinical Education Instructor

Central Texas Veterans Health Care System, Temple, TX

"I have been with Healthworks a little over six years now! I have never worked for a company that is as loyal, professional, and trustworthy as Healthworks. I love the fact that we can meet new people and learn new skills everyday. One thing I know for sure, you always have a company that stands behind you as continue to grow in the cardiac world!!"

Lindsey Gordon, RT

Healthworks, Inc. Associate

"When I call Healthworks, I don't have to worry about quality."

Charles Minehart, MD, FACC

Berks Cardiology LTD Wyomissing, PA

"We got very positive feedback from the staff - the information was beneficial.  Michael was awesome.  Please extend to him our gratitude, he really did a great job."

VP of Perioperative and Interventional Services

Eastside Medical Center, Snellville, GA

"Healthworks is simply the best employer one could ever ask for. Whether it is an administrative staff that stands behind their associates, a dynamic work experience or the highest level of autonomy an individual seeks in an employer, Healthworks has no equal. I couldn’t envision myself working for anyone else over the last 15 years."

Matthew McGowan, AS, BSN, RN, RCIS

Healthworks, Inc. Associate

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