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The right person at the right time

Through its primary business of expert staffing, clinical education and training, and industry solutions, Healthworks is a full-service provider of targeted services for the steadily-growing cardiovascular and imaging industries.

Healthworks provides specialty nursing and technical personnel to healthcare providers in the highly technical fields of invasive and non-invasive cardiovascular services to assist with and/or perform diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures, including cardiac catheterizations, electrophysiology studies and procedures, echocardiography exams and ultrasound scanning. Customers include both hospitals and physician group practices in which these procedures are performed.

Additionally, the company develops and teaches clinical educational programs that enable healthcare organizations to attract, retain and motivate allied health professionals involved in delivering cardiovascular services.  These accredited continuing education seminars and training programs can be delivered online or onsite at client facilities.  The company uses these education services as part of its new market entry strategy, while also training its own team of clinical specialists to ensure “best in class” clinicians.

Finally, the Healthworks consulting team provides a full range of vendor and industry services specifically designed to assist cardiovascular and electrophysiology equipment manufacturers and suppliers to improve customer relations through the provision of expert staff and clinical education.

More than simply a staffing agency or training company, Healthworks occupies a new workplace organization category, previously undefined in healthcare: A Clinical Specialist Private Practice.  

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